Residential removals

Abra - przyjemne przeprowadzki Our main ambition is to satisfy our clients. We ask our clients about their needs and continuously develop our services to meet them.
Our company understands that different clients have different needs, and that the clients’ needs evolve and thus our services are very flexible. While planning for a removal, begin with contacting our consultant. During a meeting or a telephone conversation you will have all your questions answered and we will be able to tailor an offer to your needs.
Abra - przyjemne przeprowadzki We do not estimate the volume of packaging needed for the removal, neither calculate the number of kilometres we will have to travel. We use the method most often used by removal companies – we calculate cubic meters (the cubic volume of your possessions). Within the price you pay you receive a complete set of packaging and protecting materials, service of experienced employees, optimal transportation vehicle and full insurance of your possessions covering the removal.
Abra - przyjemne przeprowadzki It is you who decide whether to choose a full service removal or removal limited only to agreed services. We guarantee that our highly qualified staff will meet your expectations. In the course of our work we have learned how to deal with non typical objects (e.g. large chandeliers, mirrors, non standard furniture) or large objects (pianofortes). Abra - przyjemne przeprowadzki