Office removals

Abra - przyjemne przeprowadzki biurowe First, you need to choose an appropriate removal company. Cost is, of course, one of the main factors to be considered while looking for a removal company, but you should also ask for references. This will help you make sure that the removal company has professional knowledge that will help to avoid pitfalls that may occur in the course of the complex project of removing an office. Abra - przyjemne przeprowadzki biuroweTogether with a representative of the removal company you should set the deadline by which a detailed scope and timeframe of major removal work will be prepared. This deadline must be met, because taking the decisions regarding the removal at a very last minute may unnecessarily complicate the project, while usually a specialised removal company is hired to avoid complications. All planning decisions that may affect your employees should be communicated to them within due course. Decisions affecting the employees’ actions and work should not be taken without notifying them. If notified too late, some people may be absent, e.g, at sick leave or on holidays, and not be able to follow the instructions.
Abra - przyjemne przeprowadzki biurowe While planning, look into every detail of the removal project you can think of. The more you cover by planning the less possibility for misinterpretations of your needs. The decision-making body should be limited with regard to number of people. Depending on the scope of the removal project, a team of several persons should be appointed, to control the whole of the removal project plans, decisions and information. They should also be given powers necessary to perform their duties. If needed, they may delegate specific tasks to other employees, but this should be always approved by the main removal management team.
Abra - przyjemne przeprowadzki biurowe Abra Removals boasts many years of experience in full service removals for companies and offices. Our management and staff have deep knowledge of the specific requirements of office removals as well as large practical experience and are able to tailor the solutions to your needs.
A precondition of office removals is uninterrupted functioning of the company during the removal. Ensuring this requires special skills from the removal company.
Abra - przyjemne przeprowadzki biurowe
Specialised removal employees will pack your documents and computer equipment, disassemble and assemble back the furniture and transport heavy objects. They will mark all the objects thoroughly, which will allow for proper allocation at the destination.
We do care about safety of your company equipment, furniture and data. Your company possessions entrusted to us are always watched for. Abra - przyjemne przeprowadzki biurowe